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The Tip-And-Sip Hot
Beverage Lid

Pour and drink your favorite beverage and quickly enjoy the heat.

The Tip-And-Sip Hot Beverage Tumbler

Sip in confidence & never burn your mouth again!

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Rave reviews from early testers

The Perfect

“…keeps my coffee at the perfect temperature so I can enjoy it my whole commute without it getting cold.”

–  Jeff –

The Perfect Sip

“I’m pretty picky about the temperature of my morning tea, but KØLINGSIP™ gives me the perfect sip from start to finish.”

–  Jordan –

The Perfect Sip

“We love hot beverages during
winter events… KØLINGSIP™ instantly cools it, letting us enjoy our favorite part of the season.”

–  Sam –

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3.5 in
Wide Tumblers

Cooling Ridges

3 secs
To Instantly Cool



Drink Your Hot
Beverage Immediately


Keep Your Beverages
at the Perfect Heat


Better Beverages,
Better for the Earth

What’s in The Box?

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The Chillest-ever Companion
to Your Hot Beverages

A Coffee Lid with Specs? You Bet!

Outer Diameter< 1 lb
Weight< 1 lb
Capacity20 oz
• 18/8 stainless steel vacuum
insulated tumbler
• Silicone cover
• Aluminum lid
Easy CareDishwasher safe

Enjoy Any Hot Beverage Instantly

How The Perfect Sip Was Born

Kølingsip™ began with a love for hot beverages …and a VISION


Dr. Stig Peitersen, M.D.

An avid tinkerer and inventor, Dr. Peitersen began to patent his idea for a reusable lid in 2004. As a neurosurgeon and chemical engineer, Peitersen was uniquely qualified to develop the type of technology employed by Kølingsip™.

Following Peitersen’s untimely death in 2020, the soft spoken inventor’s family is bringing his vision to life with Kølingsip™, which they named in a nod to his Danish roots. With every perfect sip, Dr. Stig Peitersen’s wife Cristina and his daughters Katrina and Annika are ensuring his legacy lives on.

With your help and support, we can bring Kølingsip™ to the world.

Dr. Stig Peitersen, M.D. – CMO / FOUNDER –

Katrina is Stig and Cristina’s middle daughter. Like her dad,
Katrina is both a right -and left- brained thinker and has an analytical approach to life. With strengths of creativity as well as logic and reason, Katrina has a hand in many facets of Kølingsip™ development. She holds a B.B.A. with a marketing focus.
Her professional background in interior design with training in architecture also influence her perspective. She is deeply invested in sharing this innovative technology with the world in a way that honors her father’s goals for both a functional and aesthetically beautiful product.

Cristina Peitersen – CMO / FOUNDER –

Cristina is the widow of Dr. Stig Peitersen. Together for over 40 years, the two accomplished many dreams. In the wake of Stig’s untimely death in 2020, Cristina set out to realize one more; that is her husband’s patented design for a hot beverage lid that eliminates burned mouths. With a B.A., Fine Arts Degree and background in design, Cristina expanded on Stig’s vision to create what Kølingsip™ is today. A natural leader, her strive for perfection drives the team to never settle for an inferior product.

Annika Johnson – FOUNDER –

Annika, the oldest daughter of Stig and Cristina, is a mother of 3 young children who is always searching for the next gadget to make daily life more efficient. Her degree in psychology and ability to understand people has helped the team bring Kølingsip™ to life. Her father always told her that “the best inventions are those that are simple and solve a problem;” thus, she became a problem solver. He sparked her love for invention and technology at an early age, and she is proud to carry on his ideas and legacy by providing a product that makes life just a little easier.